Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Bad Costume: Jareth in Labyrinth

I'll take a moment to duck the barbs just thrown by fans of this character... I like him, too. Really. But even fans must admit a snicker or two at the expense of the Goblin King, with his yep-it's-the-80s hair and dangling... participle. If ever there was a costume requiring David Bowie in order to be worn, this is it.


Anonymous said...

hey i love his hair

Trevor Smith said...

Your reasoning (and those pictures) disarmed me just as the barb was about to be loosed from my hand. I am convinced that 'Labyrinth' is not a children's movie, but rather a documentary about David Bowie's second life as the King of Goblins, and I think they might have done well by Mr Bowie to have omitted the details regarding his uniform. Fortunately, as you pointed out, it was David Bowie who had to wear the stuff. Nobody else would be able to dress like that and still command the respect of an army of goblins.

Sorry to comment on an old post, I was led here seeking pictures of Sylvester Stallone from 'Judge Dredd'.